Bylaws of Long & Crooked Lakes Association

Stearns County, Minnesota

October 20, 2018



The mission of Long & Crooked Lakes Association is to promote and maintain environmental, economic and recreational protection of Long & Crooked Lakes and vicinity.  The Association, a nonprofit organization, shall work in conjunction with federal, state and local agencies to preserve and improve the quality of our water, land, air, aesthetics, wildlife and other natural resources for present and future generations.



Membership shall be open to all interested parties who share a concern for the purposes of the Association. Payment of dues is required to be a member in good standing of the Association.  Members in good standing may vote on matters brought before the Association.



Annual dues shall be determined at the annual meeting by a vote of the general membership in good standing.


Board of Directors:

The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Board of Directors, under such rules as the Board may determine, subject to the specific conditions of these bylaws.  The Board shall consist of seven (7) members: The Executive Committee (3), the immediate past president, Lake Management Plan Director, Environmental Director, and At-large Director, the latter three being appointed by the Executive Committee.



The officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. These shall comprise the Executive Committee. The immediate past president shall serve on the Board of Directors as a voting member.


The President shall have general supervision of the affairs of the association. The President shall preside at the annual and special meetings of the Association and shall represent the Association at all official functions.

The Vice President shall assist the President and shall preside at meetings of the Association and the Board in the absence of the President.

The Secretary shall record and maintain minutes of all annual, board and special meetings of the Association.

The Treasurer shall maintain all revenues of the Association and shall disperse expenditures as designated by the Board or the general membership. The Treasurer shall present a yearly report of income and expenditures at the annual meeting of the Association.

Officers shall serve a term of two years and shall be elected at the annual meeting by a simple majority.



The Association will maintain a bank account to be used for all financial transactions. The Board shall govern all finances with appropriate authority given to the Executive Committee.  All expenditures must be approved by the Executive Committee. The Board of Directors will establish an amount above which a majority approval of the Executive Committee is needed. Below that amount a single Executive Committee officer can approve.



The Association shall hold an annual meeting prior to October 30 at a date determined by the Board. Additional meetings can be held as determined by the Board or requested by the membership. Notification of meetings shall be sent at least ten (10) days in advance of the meeting.



It is understood that the Association assumes no responsibility or liability for the well-being of any member or representative of a member attending, managing or participating in meetings or any other functions of the organization.

No officer or Director, former officer or Director, or any authorized agent of the Association shall be liable in any manner to the Association or any person or group for any loss or damage sustained as a result of action taken or omitted by officer, Director or agent in good faith if he/she exercised or used the same degree of care and skill as a prudent person would have exercised or used under the circumstances in the conduct of his/her own affairs.




The Association’s mailing address will be that of the current P.O. Box in Clearwater, Minnesota or as otherwise determined by the Board.


Parliamentary Procedure: All meetings of the Association shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, unless otherwise specified by these bylaws.


Suspension of the bylaws: These bylaws may be suspended by a two-thirds vote of the majority of members, present and voting, for emergency situations only.


Amendments of these bylaws:

These bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Association, provided that written notice is given to the general membership at least ten (10) days in advance of the meeting.


Ratified by the membership of Long & Crooked Lakes Association on October 20, 2018.


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